Recently, the housewarming celebration of Ningbo Maiyue Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in CloudHub Center. Maiyue Bio’s General Manager Niu Weiping and senior leaders unveiled the new workplace, and all employees of the company gathered together to witness the grand ceremony.

After 5 years of rapid development with high quality, we are moving forward with the spirit of steady running. The tide of the times is coming, and Mayue, which is advancing with the times, will stir up the next journey with a brand-new opening chapter. Standing at the new starting point of development, Bio-mapper will once again launch a new exploration to a higher and farther place with a brand new company platform.

Ningbo Maiyue Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018, and since its inception, the company has focused on the research, production, sales and service of in vitro diagnostic bioactive raw materials, and is committed to providing leading and competitive core raw materials and related auxiliary product services for global in vitro diagnostic reagent manufacturers. Bio-mapper has been widely praised by customers for its excellent products and high quality services, and is a partner of many famous companies worldwide and has been rated as one of the excellent suppliers by customers.

A new, more modern office location can often empower companies with new development vitality and potential, and better enhance efficiency and effectiveness. The new office is located in the core area of the Olympic Sports Block on the north bank of the Yao River in Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, within the Ningbo North Gateway E-Commerce Park, seamlessly connected to the Changxing Station of Light Rail Line 4, adjacent to the Ningbo North Expressway, and quickly linked to the airport elevated, with a well-connected transportation network and a wide range of surrounding business districts. The new location also lays the foundation for Bio-mapper to consolidate its future development.


The relocation is to better respond to the development and expansion of the enterprise. The marketing center and sales center established under Bio-mapper will be located in this new office to provide more powerful front-line support for the company and to continue the past achievements of Bio-mapper and continue to open a new glory.

In the future, we hope that all employees will continue to struggle along with the development of the company and move forward together towards the beautiful vision of “devoting to build a high-quality in vitro diagnostic raw material national brand”.

The new image, new strategy and new development, this moving celebration shows a thriving new weather, which is not only a higher level of the company in space, but also a sign of further development in the future. Although it is nearly the second nine days of winter, but in this new office environment, all employees are ready to develop a broader frontier in this fresh land. On the occasion of the successful completion of the relocation, we warmly wish a more glorious tomorrow for BIO-MAPPER!