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Rapid Test


Rapid Test: Rapid Test is a cheap, disposable, membrane-based detection method, which has the advantages of fast, simple, cheap, good stability and many kinds of detection samples. It can be widely used in human medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry, environment and food safety. Bio-mapper Technology Co.,Ltd has colloidal gold, latex, immunofluorescence and other [...]

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The properties of the colloidal gold, preparation and its application in medicine


Colloidal gold solution refers to the dispersed phase particles diameter between l-150 nm gold sol, belong to heterogeneous system, the color is orange-red to fuchsia. Colloidal gold as a marker for immunohistochemistry began in 1971, Faulk et al. applied electron microscopy immunocolloid gold staining (IGS) to observe Salmonella, after which they combined colloidal gold [...]

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The definition of colloidal gold


Colloidal gold is a commonly used labeling technique. it is a new type of immune labeling technique using colloidal gold as a tracer marker for antigen antibodies, and has its unique advantages. has been widely used in various biological studies in recent years. almost all immunoblotting techniques used in the clinic use its markers. [...]

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