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Bio-mapper Technology Co,. Ltd has set up detection platforms of ELISA and CLIA,covering major infectious diseases, hepatitis,Torch,Respiratory diseases ,Digestive tract and Tropical diseases etc...         We can provide different technical support according to the different needs of customers,work with customers to solve the practical application problems in the process of product [...]

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ELISA Test Method


ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) refers to a qualitative and quantitative method for detecting the immune response by binding soluble antigens or antibodies to solid-phase carriers such as polystyrene. Basic principles:  ①bind the antigen or antibody to the surface of some solid carrier and maintain its immune activity. ②An enzyme-labeled antigen [...]

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ELISA Experimental Method


In 1971 Engvall and Perlmann published an article on enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (enzymelinkedimmunosorbentassay, ELISA) for the quantitative determination of IgG, which led to the development in 1966 of an enzyme-labeled antibody technique for antigen localization into the determination of trace substances in liquid specimens. I. Principles of ELISA  ELISA is based on the solidification [...]

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ELISA Detection — Solid Phase Capture Method for IgM Antibodies


In the diagnosis of acute infection of pathogens, igm antibodies are usually required, such as serum anti-havigm detection of acute hepatitis a diagnosis, serum anti-hbclgm detection of acute hepatitis b virus infection and series igm detection of torch project, etc. IgM antibodies are also measured using indirect methods, such as some of the IgM [...]

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