Bio-mapper – Domestic brand of high-quality in vitro diagnostic raw materials

Ningbo Maiyue Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018. Since its inception, the company has focused on the research, production, sales and supplier service of biologically active raw materials for in vitro diagnostics, and is committed to providing leading and competitive cores for global in vitro diagnostic reagent manufacturers Raw materials and related ancillary product services. Maiyue Bio has won wide acclaim from customers for its excellent products and high-quality services.

With the mission of “promoting national independent brands”, Maiyue Bio is committed to becoming an in-depth cooperative service partner of global in vitro diagnostic companies and one-stop solutions to customer needs. So,on the road of high-quality and high-speed development, adhere to the customer’s position, innovate independently, and insist on win-win cooperation.

We are commited to building the world leading quality raw materials and unique project platform in the field of IVD,and our staff 100% have bachelor degree or above, of which more than 40% are masters and PhDs. Dozens of scientific and technical elites in various fields, including professors, PhDs, masters and experimenters,improve quality suppliers.

We have set up world-class technology platforms such as platform of monoclonal antibody, polyclonal antibody, pronucleus and yeast recombinant protein, baculovirus-insect cell recombinant protein, eukaryotic cell expression , natural protein preparation and so on.

Based on our rich product range, accurate information and efficient and considerate service, we make customers, products and services gather in a project-based regional network market, forming a monopoly market for products and services, where users can accurately discover the products and services we offer, and we will more accurately serve customers and find peers to achieve quality.

Company Culture


Science and technology protects health, improves biological quality with biotechnology, triggers a green attitude towards life by quality of life, and makes every attitude towards life full of wisdom.



To improve the quality of life and create a green life attitude. Strive to be a professional suppliers of IVD raw materials.



First time response, first time innovation, first time improvement, first time feedback, first time solution.



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R & D

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R&D Team

We are a high-tech enterprise, always insisting on the principle of R&D as the core and high investment, constantly improving and optimizing mature products and developing new ones. With more than 60% of R&D staff and more than 40% of annual R&D expenses, Maiyue keeps successfully launching IVD raw materials for the IVD industry with its leading R&D technology and perseverance.

We have established eukaryotic recombination expression platform, covers cell fermentation, recombinant antigen vector construction, mammalian cell expression and purification of target proteins.Based on mammalian cell expression system, transfecting CHO cells with stable or transient transfection mode, screening highly expressed cell lines, recombinant antigens produced by high-efficiency cell lines meet requirements of IVD industry.

Production Capacity

Management System

All products based on ISO9001 and 13485 quality management system,we set strict and clear SOP of each products, Strictly control special and critical process,also revised SOP according to the problems encountered in the actual production process, so that developed the SOP which is suitable for our production and application. The product’s inter-batch performance differences and number of each lot can be guaranteed.

Our characteristic quality management system ensures the stability of production, and always adhere to the attitude of continuous optimization in the production system to feel.

Product Control



We have established the professional raw material screening platform and optimization platform respectively based on different application fields of customers. According to the different application platforms that customers used,we established a series of detection platforms successively,such as ELISA platform, CLIA platform, LF platform, latex platform, IFA platform, CMIA platform and so on.



Each product has its own internal control system,after produced in strict according to SOP, The quality control will on the basis of respective quality standard to evaluate and control strictly,Only in this way can we ensure that each batch of stored products can meet the internal control quality standard, then issue a qualified quality assessment report.