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Product NameCatalogTypeHost/SourceUsageApplicationsEpitopeType
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS101MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1 I, II, III
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS102MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1I, II, III
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS201MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS202MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS301MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS302MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMENS113MonoclonalMouseCaptureELISA, CLIA, WBNS1I, II, III
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMENS114MonoclonalMouseConjugationELISA, CLIA, WBNS1I, II, III
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMENS143MonoclonalMouseCaptureELISA, CLIA, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMENS144MonoclonalMouseConjugationELISA, CLIA, WBNS1IV

Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne viral infection, poses a significant global health concern. Dengue antibodies play a crucial role in understanding and diagnosing this disease. These antibodies are proteins produced by the immune system in response to the dengue virus. They serve as essential tools for detecting and monitoring the infection. Dengue NS1 antibodies utilized in rapid tests, CMIA, ELISA, and other applications are provided for manufacturers of rapid test kits.

More About Dengue Fever

Product NameCatalogTypeHost/SourceUsageApplicationsEpitopeType
Dengue E AntigenBMGDENE01AntigenEcoliConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBEI, II, III, IV
Dengue E AntigenBMGDENE02AntigenHEK293 CellConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBEI, III
Dengue E AntigenBMGDENE03AntigenHEK293 CellConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBEII, IV
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS101MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1I, II, III
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS102MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1I, II, III
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS201MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS202MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS301MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMGNS302MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntigenPC320101AntigenEcoliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBNS1I
Dengue NS1 AntigenPC320201AntigenEcoliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBNS1II
Dengue NS1 AntigenPC320301AntigenEcoliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBNS1III
Dengue NS1 AntigenPC320401AntigenEcoliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntigenPE320301AntigenHEK293 CellCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBNS1I
Dengue NS1 AntigenPE320401AntigenHEK293 CellCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBNS1II
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMENS113MonoclonalMouseCaptureELISA, CLIA, WBNS1I, II, III
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMENS114MonoclonalMouseConjugationELISA, CLIA, WBNS1I, II, III
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMENS143MonoclonalMouseCaptureELISA, CLIA, WBNS1IV
Dengue NS1 AntibodyBMENS144MonoclonalMouseConjugationELISA, CLIA, WBNS1IV
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  • Several dozens of research and technical experts have successively established world-class technical platforms, including prokaryotic cell expression, eukaryotic cell expression, baculovirus expression, monoclonal/polyclonal expression, antibody recombinant expression, and nanobody technology.
  • These platforms have served as the foundation for the development and production of hundreds of varieties of biologically active proteins. These proteins cover a wide range of series including infectious diseases, vector-borne diseases, respiratory diseases, inflammatory conditions, cancer marker, zoonotic diseases, and animal (pets/livestock) disease screening.
  • This extensive range ensures the application of common immunodiagnostic products, all developed and produced using these cutting-edge platforms.

At Biomapper, our seasoned research and development team facilitates achieving truncated product development cycles without compromising the credibility of trial outcomes. By harmonizing industrial production with secure inventory management, we assure punctual and unwavering product accessibility. Rigorous temperature control experiments are conducted across different seasons and regions to ascertain the stability of our products during chilled transportation.



Biomapper guarantees complete safeguarding throughout both transportation and storage procedures.

We actively embrace ecologically responsible and recyclable materials to reduce our ecological impact.

We furnish swift and effective product delivery services to expedite your research and development timelines.

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  • A specialized technical support unit to provide streamlined product assistance and technical guidance.
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