Clostridium Difficile(CD) ANTIGEN

Innovative CD Antigen Raw Materials for Quick and Accurate Testing

Next-Generation CD Antigen Raw Materials for

High Sensitivity Diagnosis

Product NameCatalogTypeHost/SourceUsageApplicationsEpitope
C.difficile GDHPC450101AntigenEcoliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, WBGDH
C.difficile ToxinBPC450201AntigenEcoliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinB
C.difficile  ToxinAPC450301AntigenEcoliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinA
C.difficile GDH/ToxinPN450401AntigenCultureCalibrator/Immunogen LF, IFA, IB, WBGDH/Toxin

Bio-mapper CD Antigen molecular diagnostic materials are specifically developed for HIV detection, offering a high level of sensitivity and specificity. With efficient and rapid results, these materials enable accurate and timely diagnosis, leading to effective management of HIV infection. Designed for ease of use, they simplify the testing process and provide reliable outcomes. Trust our CD Antigen molecular diagnostic materials to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of HIV detection.

CD Series

Product NameCatalogTypeHost/SourceUsageApplicationsEpitope
C.difficile GDH AntigenPC450101AntigenEcoliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, WBGDH
C.difficile ToxinB AntigenPC450201AntigenEcoliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinB
C.difficile ToxinA AntigenPC450301AntigenEcoliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinA
C.difficile GDH/Toxin AntigenPN450401AntigenCultureCalibrator/ImmunogenLF, IFA, IB, WBGDH/Toxin
C.difficile GDH AntibodyBMGCDG11MonoclonalMouseCapture/ConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBGDH
C.difficile GDH AntibodyBMGCDG12MonoclonalMouseCapture/ConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBGDH
C.difficile GDH AntibodyBMGCDG21MonoclonalMouseCapture/ConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBGDH
C.difficile GDH AntibodyBMGCDG22MonoclonalMouseCapture/ConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBGDH
C.difficile ToxinB AntibodyBMGCDB11MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinB
C.difficile ToxinB AntibodyBMGCDB12MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinB
C.difficile ToxinB AntibodyBMGCDB21MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinB
C.difficile ToxinB AntibodyBMGCDB22MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinB
C.difficile ToxinA AntibodyBMGCDA11MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinA
C.difficile ToxinA AntibodyBMGCDA12MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinA
C.difficile ToxinA AntibodyBMGCDA21MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinA
C.difficile ToxinA AntibodyBMGCDA22MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, WBToxinA

High Sensitivity

Exceptional sensitivity, ensuring accurate detection and diagnosis of CD.

High Specificity

Reliable results, minimizing false positive or false negative outcomes.

Efficient Detection

Efficient detection of CD enabling timely intervention and management.

Rapid Results

Quick turnaround time, facilitating prompt decision-making and patient care.

Easy Use and Convenient

User-friendly, designed for convenient and hassle-free testing procedures.


Several dozens of research and technical experts have successively established world-class technical platforms, including prokaryotic cell expression, eukaryotic cell expression, baculovirus expression, monoclonal/polyclonal expression, antibody recombinant expression, and nanobody technology.

The R&D content of our CD Antigen products, as the core raw materials supplier for in vitro diagnostics, encompasses extensive research and development efforts. These efforts focus on identifying and characterizing specific cell surface markers, known as CD antigens, which play a crucial role in the diagnosis and classification of various diseases. Through rigorous experimentation and analysis, we aim to develop high-quality CD antigen products that meet the stringent standards of the diagnostic industry. Our R&D team employs advanced technologies and collaborates with experts in the field to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our products.



The CD Antigen products are carefully packaged to ensure their safety during transportation. They are typically packaged in sterile vials or tubes, with each product clearly labeled for easy identification. The packaging materials used are of high quality, designed to protect the products from any damage or contamination.


The supplier ensures prompt and reliable delivery of the CD Antigen products. They work with trusted shipping partners to ensure that the products reach their destination in a timely manner. The delivery process is carefully monitored to minimize any delays or issues that may arise. Customers can expect their orders to be delivered with the utmost care and efficiency.

After-sales services

After-sales services offered by bio-mapper include timely technical support, product troubleshooting, and assistance with any issues or concerns that customers may have. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction by promptly addressing any queries or problems that may arise after the purchase of our CD Antigen products. Our dedicated customer service team is always available to assist with any after-sales inquiries and to provide the necessary support to ensure a seamless experience with our products.

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