A kind of detection method which combines chemiluminescence immunoassay with magnetic particle carrier technology. the magnetic particles have the characteristics of magnetic reaction, low cost, low energy consumption and no pollution,using antigens and antibodies which to be tested to coat magnetic particles, horse radish peroxidase(HRP) conjugate antigens and antibodies which to be tested to make enzyme, Through immune reaction form the antigen—antibody—enzyme-labeled antigen (antibody) complex, which catalyzed luminous substrate to emit photons , and the luminous intensity is proportional to the content of the antibody (antigen) to be tested. Due to suspended magnetic particles as carriers have higher specific surface area and can react more fully with samples. In addition, the flexible application of magnetic field has the advantages of higher sensitivity, faster detection speed and better repeatability than enzyme plate carrier,it has been widely used in many fields of biological and medical testing.

Bio-mapper Technology Co.,Ltd has established magnetic particles luminescence evaluation platform to meet the needs of different platforms of clients, it will better combine the problems encountered by the clients in the process of using it to convert raw material to products with the clients. Our magnetic particle products cover infectious diseases,TORCH,inflammation series and so on.