Brucellosis is a disease caused by bacteria of the genus Brucella, which mainly infects animals such as cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and dogs, as well as camels and deer. Brucellosis is one of the most widespread zoonotic diseases transmitted by animals. Brucella is an intracellular parasitic small globule-shaped, Gram-negative, non-capsulated, non-capsulated (smooth type with microcapsules). Moreover, it is positive for catalase and oxidase, is absolutely aerobic, can reduce nitrate, is parasitic in cells, and can survive in many kinds of livestock.


 Product  NameCatalogTypeHost/SourceUsageApplicationsEpitope
Brucella AntigenBMGBUR11AntigenE.coliCapture/ConjugationLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBOMP
Brucella AntigenBMGBUR21AntigenE.coliCapture/ConjugationLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBSOD


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