Canine parvovirus-CPV

CPV AntibodyCanine parvovirus disease is a highly contagious severe infectious disease caused by canine parvovirus (CPV), also known as canine viral enteritis or hemorrhagic enteritis. Clinically, it is characterized by acute hemorrhagic enteritis and myocarditis. After healthy dogs are infected with canine parvovirus through the digestive tract, the virus mainly attacks two types of cells, one is intestinal epithelial cells and the other is cardiomyocytes, which show symptoms of gastrointestinal tract and myocarditis respectively. Myocarditis is more common in puppies. It is one of the most important severe infectious diseases that harm dogs.


 Product  NameCatalogTypeHost/SourceUsageApplicationsCOA
CPV AntibodyBMGCPV11MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBDownload
CPV AntibodyBMGCPV12MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBDownload
CPV AntibodyBMGCPV21MonoclonalMouseCaptureLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBDownload
CPV AntibodyBMGCPV22MonoclonalMouseConjugationLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBDownload
CPV AntigenAPR010201AntigenE.coliCalibratorLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBDownload


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