Elisa Bulk for Economic Animal

Elisa Bulk for Economic Animal


Product NameAbbreviationCatalog
Swine Fever Antibody ELISA TestCSFV Antibody TestEEA0111
Afric Swine Fever Antibody ELISA TestASFV Antibody TestEEA0211
Swine Blue Ear Virus Antibody ELISA TestPRRSV Antibody TestEEA0311
Pig pseudo rabies Antibody ELISA TestPRV Antibody TestEEA0411
Foot-and-Mouth Disease Antibody ELISA TestFMDV Antibody TestEEA0511
Bovine viral diarrhea Antibody ELISA TestBVDV Antibody TestEEA0611
Echinococcosis Antibody ELISA TestEchinococcosis Antibody TestEEA0711
Pets Des Petits Ruminants Antibody ELISA TestPPR Antibody TestEEA0811
Sheeppox Antibody ELISA TestSheeppox Antibody TestEEA0911
Brucella Antibody ELISA TestBrucella Antibody TestEEA1011


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