Sheep pox (Qrf) is caused by the sheep pox virus. This is an ether sensitive deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) virus, this virus mainly affects sheep, people are infected by contact with infected sheep contaminated material. Therefore, it is more common in shepherds, veterinarians and butchers. No human-to-human transmission has been reported. Lifelong immunity after infection. Virus growth was found in tissue culture of damaged cells from humans and animals.


 Product  NameCatalogTypeHost/SourceUsageApplicationsEpitopeCOA
Qrf  AntigenBMGQRF11AntigenE.coliCapture/ConjugationLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBL1+P32+A33Download
Qrf  AntigenBMGQRF21AntigenE.coliCapture/ConjugationLF, IFA, IB, ELISA, CMIA, WBL1+P32+A33Download


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