Treponema Pallidum (SYPHILIS)

Treponema Pallidum (SYPHILIS)ELISA

Type: Antigen

Applications: LF,IFA,IB, ELISA,CLIA,WB

Brand: Bio-mapper


Product  NameCatalogTypeHost/SourceUsageApplicationsEpitopeCOA
TP15 AntigenBMETP153AntigenE.coliCaptureELISA, CLIA, WBProtein 15Download
TP 15 AntigenBMETP154AntigenE.coliConjugateELISA, CLIA, WBProtein 15Download
TP 17 AntigenBMETP173AntigenE.coliCaptureELISA, CLIA, WBprotein17Download
TP 17 AntigenBMETP174AntigenE.coliConjugateELISA, CLIA, WBprotein17Download
TP 47 AntigenBMETP473AntigenE.coliCaptureELISA, CLIA, WBprotein47Download
TP 47 AntigenBMETP474AntigenE.coliConjugateELISA, CLIA, WBprotein47Download

Treponema pallidum is called Treponema pallidum because it is transparent and not easily stained. Staining with Giemsa stains peach. It is a treponemal, soft and slender spirochete shaped like a metal shaving, about 6-12 μm long and 0.09-0.18 μm wide, with 8-12 neat and uniform helices.

Antibody detection of syphilis is divided into two types: non-Treponema pallidum antigen serological test and Treponema pallidum antigen serological test.

  1. Non-Treponema pallidum antigen serological test: mainly venereal disease research laboratory test (VDRL), unheated serum reagin test (USR), rapid plasma reagin ring card test (RPR) toluidine red unheated serum test (Trust).
  2. Serological test for Treponema pallidum antigen: Treponema pallidum particle agglutination assay (TPPA), Treponema pallidum hemagglutination assay (TPHA), syphilis enzyme-link immunosorbent assay (ELISA), chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA), such as ayphilis immunochromatography-syphilis rapid detection (RT), Treponema pallidum antibody absorption assay (FTA-ABS), Treponema pallidum Western blot (WB) are commonly used.TP15, TP17 and TP47 are outer membrance lipoproteins of Treponema pallidum


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