Uncut Sheet for Economic Animal

Uncut Sheet for Economic Animal


Product NameCatalogFormat
Swine Fever Antibody Rapid TestREA01116cm*30cm/8cm*30cm/Others
Afric Swine Fever Antibody Rapid TestREA02116cm*30cm/8cm*30cm/Others
Swine Blue Ear Virus Antibody Rapid TestREA03116cm*30cm/8cm*30cm/Others
Pig pseudo rabies Antibody TestREA04116cm*30cm/8cm*30cm/Others
Foot-and Mouth Disease Antibody Rapid TestREA05116cm*30cm/8cm*30cm/Others
Bovine viral diarrhea Antibody TestREA06116cm*30cm/8cm*30cm/Others
Echinococcosis Antibody TestREA07116cm*30cm/8cm*30cm/Others
Pets Des Petits Ruminants Antibody Rapid TestREA08116cm*30cm/8cm*30cm/Others
Sheeppox Antibody TestREA09116cm*30cm/8cm*30cm/Others
Brucella Antibody TestREA10116cm*30cm/8cm*30cm/Others

Uncut sheet

uncut sheets provides clients with complete control over the assembly of their rapid test kits.

We are offering cost-effective rapid diagnostic test uncut sheet to support unique manufacturing needs. These uncut sheets can be cut into strip, for cassettes and for the midstream. Our factory can supply many kinds of rapid test sheets.

We sell uncut sheets in two most common sizes (60mm or 80mm). Special testing items, sizes, line placements, and spacing can be produced upon customers’ request.

Uncut sheets are assembled panels of rapid flow tests that have not been cut into individual strips. They are fully assembled with all the critical components of a rapid test: NC membrane, colloidal gold conjugates and sample pad.

Advantages of uncut sheet:
1 Good profit. Factory price; saving the shipping cost; saving the import tax as the materials.
2 Build up your own factory and be the manufacturer.
3 Repack in your country and provide what you want.
4 Vacuum package can protect the effect of moisture.
Instruments Requirements for Production Process
A. Cutter
B. Dehumidifier
C. Air conditioner
D. Disposable glove
E. Mask
F. Sterile overalls


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