Product  NameCatalogTypeHost/SourceUsageApplicationsEpitope
HIV I+II Fusion AntigenBMEHIV101AntigenE.coliCaptureELISA, CLIA, WBgp41, gp36
HIV gp41 AntigenBMEHIV112AntigenE.coliConjugateELISA, CLIA, WBgp41
HIV I-HRPBMEHIV114Antigen/ConjugateELISA, CLIA, WBgp41
HIV gp36 AntigenBMEHIV121AntigenE.coliConjugateELISA, CLIA, WBgp36
HIV II-HRPBMEHIV124Antigen/ConjugateELISA, CLIA, WBgp36
 HIV P24  AntibodyBMEHIVM03MonoclonalMouseCaptureELISA, CLIA, WBHIV P24 protein
 HIV P24  AntibodyBMEHIVM04MonoclonalMouseConjugateELISA, CLIA, WBHIV P24 protein
HIV O AntigenBMEHIV143AntigenE.coliCaptureELISA, CLIA, WBO group (gp41)
HIV O AntigenBMEHIV144AntigenE.coliConjugateELISA, CLIA, WBO group (gp41)


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