RBC Antibody

MAb to RBC

Type: Monoclonal

Applications: LF, IFA, IB

Brand: Bio-mapper

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MAb to Human IgG/Human IgG/MAb to Human IgM/Human IgM/MAb to Human IgE/Human IgE/MAb to Human IgAnti-human erythrocyte membrane antigen non-agglutinating monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are important components of various types of bispecifi antibody molecules associated with autohemagglutination tests. The antibody can cause autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AHA). Antiglobulin tests are used to detect anti-red cell antibodies. There are two kinds of antiglobulin tests: direct antiglobulin test is used to detect antibodies on the surface of red blood cells; indirect antiglobulin test is used to detect free antired blood cell antibodies. Applicable to chromatography platform.A/MAb to RBC


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